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Panel discussion on wa economic future of the euro.

"One of the things we have heard over and over again are the concerns and expectations of the Italian voters. But the reason is simple: they have been left behind by a whole range of forces, mainly European politicians and the finance sector. They are the first to speak up. They have been told for almost three years that Greece's economic difficulties are so serious that it is going to become like Greece, but it is also very far from that. It is still too early to tell if the deal will work in the long term."

With Greece facing another round of economic crisis and a banking crisis, and Italy with a huge bailout bill and economic crisis of its own – in the last two weeks alone Greece has already turned its back on Italy for a third time and announced cuts in public pensions by 20 percent – the message from Brussels and Washington has been loud and clear: keep moving, keep fighting and keep pushing.

But is that the message from Europe and the US? And who should take their place? In their view the answers are starkly clear: not Italy, not Greece, not Germany.

Italy is not Greece

So what are we to make of that answer? It is quite clear that when it comes to Germany, the Greeks themselves tell the story. The economic crisis and their struggle to receive a fair deal is what they have been fighting to get for years. This has been a real and ongoing struggle, and the current agreement will help resolve that struggle in the long term.

But the message to the Greeks in Brussels is, to put it simply, that Greece doesn't deserve help from the EU.

The EU has said it is ready to offer financial aid as necessary, but it is not enough. There is a big difference between Greek and German aid. The Greek debt crisis is a national problem, and the help for them would not be in the same league with the financial aid offered by Europe to Portugal for example. It is the sort of aid that is best handled by member states and countries, not a big new tax on a whole population.

In the same way, if the European Commission really wanted to help Athens for the sake of Europe as a whole it would simply accept Greek proposals, like the agreement that would be reached with Germany. Instead, it has chosen to reject Greece in a new and far more important way. The German government has effectively said that they are ready to use force on Greek banks, but this is simply not the kind of EU cooperation required. The problem is not that the EU will put the screws to the Greek economy. The European Union needs a tough-minded leader.

Soldiers walk out of manila trial take over hotel room of women who were in the back with the defendant - 1:10

Manila: A Vietnamese woman raped, beaten, drugged and then threatened and threatened to kill her boyfriend at the Manilac Hotel in Manila after he complained about some strange things going on in her room.

The 27-year-old woman, who has not been named, was found dead at the hotel on April 19 with lacerations to her body from a gunshot wound to her head.

In a police interview with the alleged victim's boyfriend, the suspect, known only as "Chinny," said he had been having an argument with his girlfriend when they arrived at the hotel where the woman was staying.

"I went to her room, I grabbed her and I took her to the third floor, but I could find no bed. She was naked," the suspect said in his account to police.

The suspect said he raped and sodomized the woman. He said it took only a few minutes, but he made sure he wanted to kill her as well as another man he had with him.

"I ordered her, 'Tell me where is your friend,' " Chinny told the victim's boyfriend, before raping her at gunpoint, he said.

After he had killed his girlfriend and made sure he killed Chinnny's other male companion, the suspect tied up the third man and, according to the victim's boyfriend, drove him to a deserted area where they had sex with the women, raping them and then killing all of them.

He asked the victim what he wanted her to do, saying that he wanted to help her.

Afterward, the suspect said, he made sure the bodies of the other two men were returned to their bodies, and that all the women were also picked up and killed.

The police suspect that both men committed suicide, and a medical exam has been performed to ascertain how and when the bodies of the victims were disposed of at the scene.

"It's unfortunate. It can't be described as a happy ending," said a doctor from the medical examiner's office, who asked not to be named. "This would be an act of rape that is beyond the pale."

After the killings, the police arrested Chinny for murder and ordered the cremation of the women's bodies, but he has not been charged in connection with the case.

Authorities said that the victims's bodies were sent to the morgue and that they were identified through dental records found in a baggie during their autopsy. Authorities have ruled out blood on the woman as the source of the infection, a finding that raised doubts about how the victims could have got to that room
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No beach drownings in qld this summer: police warn of rising death toll

Police say about 100 people are expected to drown in Qld waters each year, an increase of 40 per cent from five years ago when they were estimated at 75 each year.

A total of 574 deaths between 2004 and last year were identified in Queensland's rivers or streams, according to NSW Water.

The number of deaths in recent years is increasing due to a rise in the number of people who have drowned in riverbeds since the 1980s, the Water and Environment department said.

The number of deaths in Queensland's waterways rose by 20 per cent between 2004 and 2014, up from about 1,000 in 1998.

The department recorded 1,039 drownings in Queensland from 2004 to last year, with more than 100 deaths in the state's rivers.

Of the 1,039 drownings, 1,890 occurred in the state's rivers or streams, with another 900 in the state's Great Lakes.

"This is an increase of about 40 per cent from 5 years ago when, as the statistics indicate, they were estimated at 75 each year," the department said.

"The increase is in response to greater concerns about drowning due to the increased number of people who drown in these aquatic environments as well as the increasing numbers of people who have drowned in other types of river, such as the rivers of the Great Lakes, Great Barrier Reef or inland streams."

Topics: water-pollution, rivers, qld, australia

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Today marks six months since the worlds worst oil spill. And it appears we are finally nearing a day when the US will be paying compensation for what many believe was a massive oil disaster.

On March 10th, 2013 the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and sank 400 feet off the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spewed 250 times its weight, causing an estimated 2,100 deaths and over one million injuries. The oil spilled for at least six days before the spill was contained.

Since then a few pieces of evidence have emerged to prove the dangers posed by oil spills.

In January 2012 there were no oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico, it's possible that the oil was just too good to be true. On January 23rd, 2012 an oil platform exploded off the coast of Louisiana. The platform exploded when a ball of flame hit it. The explosion damaged an airfield and oil well that were owned by a group called the Texas Petroleum Institute.

An explosion of this magnitude causes a massive amount of fire and sparks. There was widespread damage across the oil fields, but in one area a well exploded and the oil exploded and covered the surface of the sea. The fire damaged the area in some areas. But it is unlikely the fire from the explosion caused the oil to spread further.

A massive sinkhole has appeared along the Gulf of Mexico. The sinkhole is large enough to contain a tanker but is still being counted. What looks like a sinkhole will soon be filled in, and is still being counted. What is a sinkhole? Sinkholes are a sort of pit in the Earth's crust caused by water, rocks, and mud sinking into the sea floor over thousands of years. Sometimes this result is called a sinkhole. Most of the time it is just water leaking into the sea and there is no major damage to the sea. The more water in a sinkhole the bigger the hole. When a sinkhole does begin to fill in, the water rises to form an oil slick. Sometimes this leads to a huge explosion of oil, often called an anhydrous flow.

After the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the US began to invest heavily in improving safety measures in drilling and refineries around the Gulf of Mexico and in the oil field, known as "shore control." While the efforts in the Gulf of Mexico were great, the damage they caused was disastrous.

At least 200 people died from oil-related incidents since 2009. In 2009 the oil rig exploded near Valdez, Alaska. The explosion killed 11 people and injured 200 more. In July 2012 there were four oil fires off Texas that spewed oil about two days after the massive explosions in BP. There are at least 16 more anhydrous flow fires burning.

VernonCrusy /// 30 мая 2020 года в 17:14
Air travellers face tighter security at airport security checks and airlines are seeking to build stronger security systems to keep travellers safe, the airline industry has confirmed.

Airlines have been urged by security expert Martin Rees to introduce new technologies to further enhance airport screening.

Airlines are seeking to build stronger security systems to keep passengers safe, but they have also been warned by security expert Martin Rees to introduce new technologies to further enhance airport screening

The use of video and biometrics will be encouraged in a bid to make airport checks more secure, following suggestions by aviation industry consultant A4S Research.

Mr Rees has previously warned that 'intimidation and terror are on the rise' following terrorist attacks on airport personnel and commercial aircrafts.

He said: 'Increasingly, airline passengers want to feel confident they can walk through airport security at any time – they want to be able to feel safe at work, school or leisure events.

'While these advances will always be a challenge, we will never lose the ability to spot potential threat if we have the right solution.

'We are moving from a world where there are fewer threats on the streets of our cities and cities where we operate internationally to one in which there are more threats.

'We need to increase the amount of data that airlines collect with biometrics and cameras, to meet this challenge.

'It is my belief that airports will benefit from a world-class airport management team and an integrated, real-time airport management system. I believe that having a combination of biometric identification, video surveillance and computerised boarding passes will provide the right balance.'

Airlines are looking to expand their airport security with video-based airport check-in procedures; using biometrics or scanning cameras; and improved security checks at airports, Mr Rees claimed.

It means people wanting to leave would simply stand at security checkpoints with their electronic device, which could be easily spotted

Airlines are now being encouraged to develop better systems to detect terrorist threats at airports, Mr Rees explained

'We will not be able to catch every terrorist as they go about their dangerous and unlawful work,' he insisted.

'We will never be able to catch everyone at a destination where there is violence to stop them.

'But it's worth mentioning that there is a much greater risk of these individuals coming into the airport – people want to be able to walk through airport security at any time,' Mr Rees said.

He also suggested that in places where there were no public transport services, passengers should consider making a trip to their destination – rather than waiting for a bus or tram – as a means of avoiding airport checks.


Groundwater research to find sustainable aquifers, but scientists don't yet know how much groundwater the Earth's crust is missing or what the extent of aquifers may be in the future.
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